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What we do:

We specialize in flat and rotary steel rule dies and related tooling, and have the machinery and know how to get things done on time and in budget. We make dies for printed sheets, foam packaging, thermoforming, gasket and seal, label and tags, large displays, corrugated boxes and many more. We are constantly upgrading our equipment to keep up with our customers demands. In today's world, speed and customer service is what makes or breaks a die shop and here at E-Z Die you will get both. Put us to the test and we will not let you down.

Cutlite Penta laser.jpg

Laser burned die boards


Gerber Profile routing system

All of our boards are burned on our 2000 watt Cutlite Penta laser. The speed and accuracy make sure your die is done on time and in tolerance.

With a powerful vacuum bed we can mill phenolic and steel counter plates, stripping and blanking boards along with poly-carbonate die boards.


Mitsubishi waterjet

The waterjet has the capability to cut through almost anything up to 4.5" thick. It also allows us to do custom ejection rubber for dies the require it. 


Auto bending

With 5 auto benders we can bend, cut, notch, miter, broach, nick and make perf from 1.5pt to 4pt and from .750" to 2" rule. 

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